Hannah, our Teacher Recruitment Manager has been back from her trip to Australia for three weeks with things getting busy for the September recruitment drive! Here is a piece she wrote at the end of her trip in April:

I have been back in London for 3 weeks since my amazing trip to Australia. I spent several weeks in Melbourne, Brisbane and my home town, Yeppoon meeting with family, old friends and enjoying the warm weather and sunshine.

It’s been 2 years since I’d left Australia to teach in the UK; the daunting task of packing my life into a suitcase coupled with the contemplation of living in a country I’d never visited before added to the excitement of the new challenge I was anticipating.

Exciting career opportunities, frequent travelling and being part of London’s great fabric are just some of the reasons I’ve chosen to stay in the UK. Retrospectively, as I sit here, drinking the greatly missed Melbourne flat white, I think about how the past 2 years have flown and how moving over to the UK has changed my life dramatically. Making the journey back to Australia has enabled me to see how much I’ve grown on both a professional and personal level.

I spent 3 weeks meeting with Aussie teachers in person who are contemplating a similar move to the UK. Our Director, Deon and I ran a series of events in Melbourne and Brisbane (Sydney, you’re next!) providing Q&A sessions for teachers and teaching assistants wanting more information about what “it’s really like” teaching and living in London. We ran presentations with clips from some of our current Aussie teachers working in London, photographs from our schools, covered topics such as pay, relocation costs, the registration process/documentation and we listened to both experienced and newly qualified teachers’ stories and why they are planning a move to London.

Some teachers wanted to progress their career into Leadership or Middle Management as the opportunity for advancement was faced with too much competition or lack of available roles in their current Australian school. Other teachers had several years’ experience under their belts and wanted to be able to travel while teaching; making the most of the regular half-term break every 6 weeks and enjoying long weekends in Paris or other destinations an hours’ flight away. Then we met with newly qualified and first-year teachers who were looking to consolidate their experience and skills by working with various year levels in different school settings.

Whatever their motive or story, we were excited to hear about their plans and provide honest advice about their expectations because, like them, our team has made a similar move from overseas to teach in London schools.

We are very much looking forward to meeting these teachers again in London over coffee as several people have arrival dates in the next month or so! Other teachers have arrival dates in January 2017 which is still an excellent time to arrive as there’s typically lots of work going on around then.

If you couldn’t make it to one of our sessions, send us a quick email introducing yourself and a bit about your plans for London hannah@thamesteachers.com and we will get in touch with you straight away.

See ya again soon Australia!!

Hannah x

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