Hi, I’m Chris and I’m the payroll and compliance manager at Thames Teachers. I’ve moved around a lot; I went to university in Liverpool, trained and worked as a music teacher for a couple of years in Leeds, before switching careers to a financial management position in Manchester. My current role brings together my knowledge and experience from both education and finance, and I enjoy working as part of this great team.

Outside of work I have numerous interests. I write for several magazines – some national, some London-based; I’ve always enjoyed writing and have no complaints about the free concert/theatre tickets and meals out! I’m also quite an active musician; I used to play a lot of shows, but these days I focus on the writing and production side of things.


Travelling is something I also thoroughly enjoy – over the last few years I’ve become quite an aficionado of the long-weekend city break. Recently I’ve taken in Krakow, Marseilles, Lisbon, Valencia, Prague and Bruges, amongst others. It’s great taking in new cities and cultures, and learning more about their histories.

I do love being in London, though – there’s just so much going on all the time. Alongside enjoying the abundant nightlife, I’ve become a big fan of café culture – Upper Street in Islington is on my doorstep and I can usually be found in Belle Epoque, Ottolenghi or Euphorium – usually quaffing a pretentious coffee or indulging in an elaborate cake.

Recently, I’ve also been working my way through a ‘to do’ list of free local attractions. The Sky Garden up the ‘Walkie Talkie’ is a pleasant space and offers spectacular views – it’s much more than just a viewing platform. The botanical gardens hidden within The Barbican is a treat, too!

Hopefully you found that interesting and find my tips useful…